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Kameleon Portal ( is used to manage all Kameleon related data, user rights, etc.

Changes in portal are in draft mode until admin user publish changes.

Draft mode is available only for admin users and draft mode needs to put in use separately in Kameleon Office. In draft mode admin user can test changes by using draft mode Kameleon Office.

Access to portal

Portal is only available for users with role

  • admin

  • content-admin

  • business-owner

Common tools in portal


Publish-button is in the top-left corner of the header. All changes made in portal are first in draft mode and needs to be published to end users. Use Publish-button to select parts to publish.

Changes can be tested in Kameleon Office by using Kameleon Office draft mode.


Search-field in the header of portal operates all over the data. Found items are categorise to list and items are links.

User options

  1. User and user based functions

  2. E-mail of sign-in user

  3. Switch tenant selection (for Collaborator admin users only)

  4. Sign out

Common buttons in portal pages


Buttons are available in pages where they are needed


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