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Kameleon office add-in can add slides to PowerPoint presentations. To add slides to Kameleon, create a presentation and add it inside Portal. Each slide of the presentation can now be added to other presentations with the office add-in.

Create presentation

Create a normal PowerPoint presentation with all the slides you want to add to Kameleon.

Using your companys presentation template can help ensure consistency

Adding slides

  1. Inside Portal, navigate to Contents > Slides

  1. Add slides

    1. By pressing the New button

    2. By dragging and dropping a file into the page

Kameleon will process the added presentation to independent slides that can then be added to documents one by one.

Editing slides

  1. Download presentation

  2. Edit the slides in PowerPoint

  3. Save the slides in PowerPoint

  4. Select the slides in Portal and press Upload

You can also edit slides with content tool.

Slides panel

  • Display name is shown in Office-addin as a slide category name.

  • Each of the slides will also get a name based on their title. This cannot be edited manually.

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