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This page and child pages describes how to

Documents are saved in categories and/or subcategories to make it easy for end user to find the right document. Category can be changed to smart folder by using category defaults.

Kameleon creates a document:

  1. New document from template

  2. Add branding parts: logo, footer

  3. Add bodytext from content document to the end of file

  4. Fill in metafields and term tags

Inside portal navigate to Contents > Documents

  1. Select category/subcategory to add document

  2. Inside category/subcategory press New-button to add

    1. Subcategory

    2. Document from file if content is already saved to document

    3. Empty document when creating new content document from template

Document from file

  1. Select content document (Create content document)

  2. Fill in Create document -panel

Document information

Display name: Document name to show in Kameleon Office taskpane

Description: Tiptext of document to show in Kameleon Office taskpane

Software: Ready selected by content files filetype

Status: Active or Archived (content is kept in portal, but it isn’t available in Kameleon Office taskpane)

Authors: Author responsible for document content

Layout and content

Empty document

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