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Kameleon documents by default have a logo turned on or off. Users can also change this selection when creating a document. If logo is enabled, it will be selected based on the users' company.

Every company has a logo. You can use the same logo for every company, or it can be company-specific. Supported file types for a logo are .jpg, .jpeg, .png.

  1. Inside Portal, navigate to Branding > Logos

  1. By pressing the New button.

  2. By dragging and dropping 1 or more files into the page.

  1. Select logo by clicking it on the list

    1. Edit name, position, or size by pressing the Edit button

    2. Change image-file by pressing the Upload file button

Logo panel

  • Name: Used only inside Portal for identifying the logo.

  • Position: Logo position inside the pages where it is used. WORD

  • Size: Size of the logo inside the document. If not provided, the size of the original image will be used.

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