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Data sources

Data sources are used to provide data from external sources to meta groups and -fields.

There are different types of data sources supported

  • CSV data source is based on CSV file managed in portal

  • SharePoint list data source is based on SharePoint list values

  • Dynamics CRM data source is based on Dynamic CRM entities

Data sources can be utilized in Lists and Meta groups


To create CSV data source select New > CSV and provide valid CSV file

  • Name is used to identify the data source in portal

  • Columns is used to select data from CSV file

CSV file is required to be in UTF-8 format. In Excel save the file in CSV UTF-8 format

SharePoint list

To create SharePoint list data source follow instructions in SharePoint list as data source

Dynamics CRM

To create Dynamics CRM data source follow instructions in Dynamics CRM entity as data source

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