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Content Tool


Deployment instructions can be founded here

Open content to edit

Click Open and select content.

Content will be opened automatically and you can start editing.


All Office features are in used when editing content plus Kameleon Content Tool will have some extra.

You can add certain type of placeholders to documents. All three software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) have some of their own features.

Metafields, Addressfields and Terms tabs will show all available fields. With action button placeholder can be added to the cursor location.

Placeholders will be filled automatically with the value from the Kameleon when new document is created.


In Word content control placeholders are used in body text.


In Excel named cells are used as a placeholders.

Placeholders in header and footer

Metafields, address information and terms can be added by using clipboard.

Action button copies the text to clipboard and after that it can be pasted to footer.


In PowerPoint named shapes are used as a placeholders.

Action button will add new shape to the top left corner and after that it can be moved/edited as you wish


When you’re done editing the content must be published. After that it’s ready for testing.

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