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Edit phrases


You can edit phrases with Content Tool. Read more about Phrases.

Click Show Kameleon Content Tools -button to open taskpane.


Open phrase content to edit


Click Open to show available phrase contents.

Select content type (Documents, Layout templates, Phrases or Footers) and click content to open it for editing.

Edit phrase content


All Word features are in use and phrase content can be edited as normal document in Word. Furthermore metafields from Kameleon Portal can be added to document. For metafield values there have to be named placeholder.

Metafields are:

  • content metafields created in portal

  • author fields linked to content

  • unit address fields (Coming soon)

  • terms (Coming soon)

Content Tool adds placeholders with right name and type. Placeholders will be filled automatically with the value from the Kameleon Office, when the phrase is added to the document.

Add placeholder


Placeholder type in Word is content control.

  1. Select the type of placeholder: metafields, addressfields, terms

  2. Set cursor to location where placeholder is meant to add

  3. Click Add Content Control -button in taskpane

Upload file


When editing is done, the phrase content needs to be published.

Updated phrase content is ready to test and use.

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