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Centralized Deployment of Kameleon Office add-in

Deploy Kameleon in the Microsoft 365 admin center

Centralized Deployment is the recommended and most feature-rich way for most admins to deploy add-ins to users and groups within an organization.

Requirements to use Centralized Deployment

Check Office requirements before you start to deploy Kameleon to end-users.

Recommended approach for deploying Kameleon

Use a phased approach, we recommend the following:

  • Roll out the Kameleon to a small set of users. If the deployment is successful, move to step 2.

  • Roll out the Kameleon to more individuals within the business. Again, evaluate the results and, if successful, continue with full deployment.

  • Perform a full rollout to all users.

Deploy Kameleon using the admin center

As an admin, you can deploy Kameleon for the users in your organization by using the Centralized Deployment feature in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  1. In the admin center, go to the Settings > Integrated apps > Upload custom apps.

  • Select App type: Office Add-in

  • Choose how to upload app - Select Provide link to manifest file -option and enter the link:

    • Kameleon Office add-in

    • Kameleon Content Tool

  • Press Validate-button to validate your link.

  • Continue with Next-button

  • Add users

  • Select Specific users/groups, Entire organization or just yourself (for testing).

  • Continue with Next -button

  • Accept permissions

  • Continue with Next -button to the end of deployment.

After Deployment the add-in will be available on assigned users’ Office app.

It can take up to 24 hours for a new add-in deployment to show up for all users.

Kameleon in end-users Online application

To use Kameleon end users loads Kameleon add-in.

  1. Select Insert-tab and Office Add-ins -button

  2. Select Admin managed -tab and Kameleon

  3. Select Add-button at bottom of the window

  4. Kameleon will be in the end of your Online Office applications Home-tab

  5. Press the Show Kameleon button and if necessary sign in with your Microsoft account

  6. After signing in, Kameleon task pane is on the right side of your Office application

More information about deploying Add-ins

Deploy add-ins in the Microsoft 365 admin center

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