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New Excel template to Kameleon

Under construction

Points to consider

  1. Logo: Does the document use same logo as defined in Companies?

  2. Footer: What kind of footer there is in the document?

  3. Layout template: What kind of styles there are in the document? What are the marginals? What is a color scheme of the document?

  4. Meta fields: Which meta fields are used in the document? Are they displayed on the document, are they transferred to SharePoint?

  5. Document's content: Are there ready-made sheets in the document

Please note that header and footer in Excel have limitations.:


We want to create a document template which has different layout than other templates.

  • There is a different header and footer than in other Excel documents

  • The logo is same as company’s logo

  • We need to create a layout template with the above header and footer.

Meta fields

Begin by creating meta fields. We need to use them later in the layout template.

  1. Create a new metagroup for author fields and combined metafield department_and_name


  2. Create metafield source

Layout template

Create a new layout template in the Portal’s layout templates

  1. Download existing layout


  2. Rename downloaded template in the Windows explorer


  3. Drag it to the portal


  4. Open the layout template to Excel with Content tool

  5. Check and change metafields in the header and footer




    1. Delete unnecessary texts or metafields in the header and footer

    2. Add metafields that you want to use

    3. Change the margins, fonts and color scheme if you want.

  6. Upload the changed layout template to the portal

Create Document’s content. Create Document category if needed and drag the document content to the document category.

  1. Give your document a suitable name

  2. Drag it to the portal.

  3. Create document’s definitions (more info in Create/Update document panel)

    1. General
      Choose Layout template. It the category has default values, use them (or change).


    2. Layout


    3. Metafields
      Select which metafields are shown in the document


  4. Open the document with Content tool if you want to place metafields to the document’s content


  5. Upload it back to portal

Test your document template

Now your document template is ready for testing.

  1. Check that your Kameleon is in test mode (New document can be seen only in test mode before it has been published)

  2. Select document

  3. Fill meta data information

  4. Create document

  5. Correct layout template, metafields, content or definitions if needed.

Publish your document template

If everything is ok, publish your document.

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