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Create/Update document -panel

All information of documents is saved to Document -panel in portal. Panel contains four tabs:

Document information

Display name: Document name to show in Kameleon Office taskpane. Required

Description: Tiptext of document to show in Kameleon Office taskpane

Software: Software of content. Can be selected only when content file is not saved. Required

Status: Active or Archived. Required
Archive = content is kept in portal, but it isn’t available in Kameleon Office taskpane

Authors: Author responsible of document content

Layout and content

Default values for new document. Toggle on/off.

Page number: Page numeber to document, located to pagenumber placeholder.

Logo: Logo in document is based on selected authors company. Logo can be located on document only when author has selected company.

Footer: Footer can be located on document only when author has selected both company and unit

Layout template: Layout template to use as a base of new document

Recommended phrases: List of phrases which are recommended to use with document. Open list and select phrases to recommend.


Metafields are from meta group or added directly to content.

Metagoups: Add meta group -link opens the list of available metagroups. When metagroup is selected, all metafields saved to meta group will be added to contents metafield.

Document fields: + -button opens metafield-panel to add new metafield to content.


Saving-panel contains:

  • control how the documents default file name is generated

  • locking options to default saving location

  • default saving location of document

File name

Contents metafields can be used as a part of filename.

  1. Add metafield by clicking the button on the right end of row

  2. Select metafield to add from list,
    to add next metafields open list again and add all needed metafields

  3. Metafield is shown within {{ }} -marks.
    Add charachters before, between or after metafields

Lock to default location:

Locking options:
Free: Default saving location is set, but it can be changed by end-user

Lock to selected folder and subfolders: Default save location is set and end-user can change it to subfolders of default location

Lock to selected folder: Default save location is set and it cannot be changed

Default location


Default saving location can be set to SharePoint or Teams.

Select SharePoint or Teams and browse to library where default saving location is ment to be.


When SharePoint or Teams is selected, there is search-row to find right library.

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