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Combined metafields

If you need a combination of metafields to be shown in document, use combined metafields. The user does not see the combined metadata field in the Kameleon dialog. It is generated in the background.


You want to create a metafield that is a combination of department and authorname and use it in the footer of PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Add metafields department and authorname to a metagroup

  2. Add combined metafield e.g. footertext

Creating a combined metafield



Field type:

Combined: Metafield is a combination of other metafields in this metagroup

Name: Name of metafield, used in documents placeholders when metafield value is written to document

Software: Selected softwares where metafield is to show and use

Format: You can select metafields to be used in combined field with three dots -button in the right of the Format field or you can write the fields inside {{}}. You can also use text between the fields. It is also possible to use regular expression |""? to avoid the text to be shown if it is missing. Check the example below.

{{authordepartment}} / {{authorname}} → Human Resources / John Smith.
Note that if the user has not filled author department field, it is shown as / John Smith

{{authordepartment|" / "?}}{{authorname}} -> Human Resources / John Smith.
If the user has not filled author department field, it is shown as John Smith, characters “ / ” are not shown.

Meta information

Usage in PowerPoint: Select one of PowerPoint's internal fields for metafield values placeholder (in our example, select Footer and combined metafield will be used in footer)

Summary info name: Select one of document's summary info fields in which metafield value is written

SharePoint column name: If SharePoint column's displayname is different from columns internalname, internalname is the one to use

Custom property name: Name of customproperty where metafield's value is written. If customproperty does not exists, it will be added.


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