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Dynamics CRM entity as data source

This article describes how Dynamics 365 CRM entity can be used as data source for Kameleon


Open Kameleon Portal

Configure Dynamics CRM integration

  1. Select Other > Integrations from left navigation

  2. Select Dynamics 365-tab on the top of the page

  3. Press Config-button to open Dynamics CRM configuration -panel

  4. Fill in Dynamics API url field, e.g.

  5. Press Save-button on the bottom of the panel

  6. After Dynamics CRM url is provided admin consent can be granted for Kameleon API to access D365 on behalf of user

Kameleon D365 integration utilizes signed in user and it’s permissions when reading data from Dynamics CRM

Create new data source utilizing D365 integration

  1. Navigate to Data > Data sources

  2. Press New-button and select Dynamics CRM

Create data source panel

Admin user need’s to grant consent for Portal in order to read data from SharePoint.

Consent granted in first step was for Kameleon API. Admin user need’s to grant consent also for Portal separately as shown below

After consent is given admin can give required information for data source

  • Name only used in portal to distinct data sources from each other

  • Entity select which entity is used as data source

  • Columns select which columns are used as data for data source

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