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Kameleon is your tool for creating, editing and publishing documents in MS Office. Kameleon is available for

  • Word (PC, Mac, online)

  • Excel (PC, Mac, online)

  • PowerPoint (PC, Mac, online)

Kameleon task pane can be opened from Home-ribbon


  • Create document

    • Create new document with Kameleon. You find ready-made templates in Kameleon. Templates are organized in categories and they are language specific.

  • Phrase gallery WORD

    • Phrases are ready-made parts which can be added to a document. Phrases can contain text, tables, images, charts or any part Word can handle.

  • Image gallery

    • You can use images to illustrate your documents. Images are organized in categories to help you find appropriate image to use.

  • Slides gallery POWERPOINT

    • You can use ready-made slides in your presentations. Slides are organized in categories to help you find appropriate slide to use.

  • Author information

    • Author details are used in appropriate locations in documents. Logo and unit address are selected according to your author details.

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