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Create document

Documents are in categories and they are language specific.

Documents tab

Create new document by clicking a document in a category or in a subcategory.

Create document panel

Information tab

New dialog appears and fields in Information tab has to be filled.

  • Author. You can select one in dropdown list or you can create new one.

    • Author name appears in document surface. Author data is saved in document metadata to personalize document

  • Default values

    • are set by admin user as default

  • Select value vs. write value

    • are selected from dropbox values or wrote separately, both by admin user

  • Required values

    • are required for document creation

Layout tab

Layout selections indicates what elements document will have.

  • Page numbers WORD EXCEL POWERPOINT indicates whether page numbering is visible or not in document

  • Logo WORD EXCEL indicates whether logo is visible or not in document

  • Footer WORD EXCEL POWERPOINT indicates whether footer is visible or not in document

  • Author POWERPOINT indicates whether author is visible or not in document

Click Create and the document will be created.


There may be some content controls to fill (Word). If you want to leave the content control blank, write space to it or delete it (if content control guide texts are shown they will be printed).

Read Edit document’s information, if you want to edit document’s Title, Document Type, Date etc.



When writing text, it is recommended to use styles.

You can select style from Quick styles in Home tab or you can pin the Styles task pane to the right of the Word window.


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