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Document categories

This page describes how to

  • create document tree (catecories and subcategories) to end-users

  • use smart folders for documents - also called default values for documents

Inside portal navigate to Contents > Documents

Create document category

  1. Press New-button to create category

  2. Fill in fields


Create category -panel

  • Display name is shown for end users in Kameleon Office

  • Language: select language for categroy

  • Visibility: select user groups to see category or let it be visible to all

Document defaults / smart folder defaults

After creating the document category, you can save default values for new documents added to this category - also called as smart folder.

Open the document category and click Category defaults.


Defaults can be saved for

  • General: Authors

  • Layout: Default values for layout checkboxes and template to use for softwares

  • Templates: Layout templates to be used in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

  • Metafields: Metagroups to use for new documents

  • Saving: Default metafields and characters to generate filename of the document. Default location to save document


Create subcategory

  • Navigate to category where to create subcategory
    Subcategory can also have subcategories

  • Press New-button and select Subcategory

  • Fill in fields in Category-panel

Subcategory inherits the default values ​​of the main category, but you can change your own default values ​​for it

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