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Teams channel with default meta field values

This article describes how Kameleon tab can be added to Teams channel with default meta field values e.g. when provisioning Teams channels and Kameleon programmatically.

Kameleon Teams Application must be preinstalled before continue this article Centralized Deployment of Kameleon Teams application

Microsoft Graph

Teams channel tabs can be managed with Microsoft Graph API

Add new Kameleon tab with default values

Below is example request for adding new tab with

Define meta field default values

Meta field default values can be defined in URL query parameters for contentUrl. Meta field names can be found in Kameleon portal. More specific information



Below requests adds Kameleon tab to Teams channel with default value for documenttype meta field

  "displayName": "Kameleon",
  "teamsApp@odata.bind": "{kameleon-app-id}",
  "configuration": {
    "entityId": "",
    "contentUrl": "",
    "websiteUrl": " ",
    "removeUrl": ""

Other methods

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