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Centralized Deployment of Kameleon Teams application

Deploy Kameleon Teams in the Microsoft 365 admin center

You manage apps for your organization in Teams apps in the admin center. To use Teams admin center, you must be a global admin or Teams service admin

Deploy Kameleon Teams application in the Teams Admin center

In the admin center, go to the Teams admin center > Teams apps > Manage apps.

Select Upload -button

When asking filename, enter the path:

Grant admin consents to permissions

As an admin you can review and grant consent to Kameleon app permissions on behalf of all users users in your organization. You do this so that users don't have to review and accept the permissions requested by the app when they start the app.

When Kameleon Teams app is loaded, go to give permissions:

  1. Find Kameleon app

  2. Go to View details

  3. Select Permissions -tab

  4. Grant permissions for all your users in organization

Add Kameleon app to a team

Use the Add to team button to install an app to a team.

  1. Search and select Kameleon app

  2. Select Add to team

  3. In the Add to team pane, search for the team you want to add the app to, select the team, and then select Apply

Kameleon Teams in end-users application

To use Kameleon Teams end users adds Kameleon app to their Teams.

More information about deploying Teams Application

Manage Teams apps in the Microsoft Teams admin center

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