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Kameleon technical


  • Kameleon is cross platform document creation SaaS product.

  • Documents created from templates are not stored by Kameleon.

  • Data is located and processed inside European Economic Area (EEA).

  • Authentication is done against Azure AD.

  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure (utilizing PaaS services).


Kameleon is SaaS product and software updates are delivered automatically for end users.


  • Azure AD

  • Microsoft 365 business subscription

Platform support

  • Windows, Mac, browser

  • Microsoft Office 1

  • Microsoft Teams 2


  • Office add-in via Microsoft 365 admin center 3

  • Teams add-in via Teams admin center 4


  • Kameleon is multitenant application and uses Azure AD authentication to identify end user tenant.

Data storage

  • Data is stored in Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL

  • Files are stored in Azure Blob storage.

  • Backups are taken daily with retention period of 30d.


  • All internal communication between server and client is SSL encrypted.

  • All data in transit is SSL (TLS 1.2) encrypted.

  • All data at rest are encrypted 5


  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection 6

  • Web application firewall (WAF) 7

Access control

  • Strict access controls enabled to ensure only authorized individuals can see data.

  • All access is logged and monitored to detect and prevent unauthorized access.

Open source components

  • Open source components are used and are actively monitored for patches and security vulnerabilities.



  • Data is located and processed inside European Economic Area (EEA)

  • Sensitive personal data is not collected.

  • Customer data is removed once customer agreement ends within 12 months


  • Kameleon doesn't store generated documents and they are only stored to customers' storage systems, e.g., Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive


  • Kameleon is API based SaaS product hosted in Microsoft Azure.


  • Frontend: TypeScript, React (HTML/JS)

  • Backend: TypeScript, Node, .NET Core

  • Hosting: Azure App Service

Cloud platform


  • Azure AD, Office SSO, Teams SSO

  • All API communication requires authentication against Azure AD user.

Cloud architecture

1 Hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams (

2 Requirements for running Office Add-ins (

3 Deploy add-ins in the Microsoft 365 admin center (

4 Overview of app management and governance in Teams admin center (

5 Encryption at rest

6 DDoS protection on Front Door


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