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Create and edit document in Teams

Begin from Kameleon tab or Personal tab. If you can’t see Kameleon tabs in Teams, please check xxx.

Kameleon tab

Go to the Teams channel in which you want to add a document.

Click the Kameleon tab


Personal tab

Click the Kameleon personal tab


Choose a document to create


  1. Select language of the document

  2. Then click the document you want to create. Word-, Excel- and PowerPoint documents are shown in the same category in Teams (3. you can choose, which categories are shown.)
    In Office, Word templates are shown in Word, Excel templates in Excel and PowerPoint templates in PowerPoint.

You can use Search and pin templates like in Office.

Document Information panel


Fill the document’s information e.g. Document Type, Title etc.



Select the layout of the document.



You can change the filename. Whether you can change the save location depends on how the document was started.

Kameleon tab

If you started your document from Kameleon tab in the Teams channel, location is locked to the Teams channel in which you started to create a document. If there are subfolders, you can select them.


Personal tab

If you started your document from Personal tab, you have to select the save location. After that you can create the document.


Document in the teams

After creating a document, it opens in Office Application. You can edit/write your document and save it.

If you later want to edit your document directly in Teams, click it and it opens to Teams. There are some limitations in Teams and Office online applications.

Headers and footers

In some versions of Teams, Headers and footers are not shown at all. In newer versions they are shown, but Logo is shown under header. If you open the document in Office application, the logo is in it’s right place, but Teams and Office online shows it wrongly.

Contents in the document

  • You can write or edit your text in Teams. In some versions of Teams, text indents are shown wrongly.

  • Styles can be used as in Office application.

  • Phrases and Images can be added to the document from the Kameleon task pane as in Office application.


Meta data information

If you change document’s information e.g. Document type, Title, Date etc.. it is not updated to the document in the Teams or Office online. This is due to restriction in online Office products. After opening the document in desktop Office, it is updated.


Choose Editing > Open in Desktop App to open the document in Office application


It can take some time updates to come to the document.

  1. In Kameleon Information panel Press Update-button to Update the document information.

  2. Then press Save.

  3. Maybe there are some other changes too, in the document. Press Updates Available -button in then bottom row of Word window.


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