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April 2024

End user


Convert document PREVIEW

User can now recreate any document with convert document functionality.

  • Legacy Kameleon documents will be converted to be compatible with current version

  • When e.g. layout templates are used to manage brand for documents, convert document will recreate the document with latest brand.

  • Author can be changed for current document


NOTE: Convert document will not modify the existing document, but creates new document

NOTE: Converted document is sent to Kameleon API and processed there

Admin user


  • Integrations moved under Data-section in main navigation

  • Statistics and Audit logs moved under Monitoring-section in main navigation


Admin user has now better visibility and control what will be published. There’s no more separate page for versions, but publish can be started directly from Portal header by pressing Publish-button.


From Publish-panel user can see what has changed since last publish and choose one or more subjects that are published to end users.


History for publish operations can be seen in audit logs


Slides editable in Content tool

Admin user can now open slides for editing directly from Content Tool


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