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Visma Sign

This article describes how to enable digital signatures for Kameleon using Visma Sign.

Get API key

Register your organization to Visma Sign by filling out this form. This creates Visma Sign Client Id and Secret, which are required to connect Kameleon to your Visma Sign -account.

Kameleon Portal

Configure Visma Sign integration

  1. Open Kameleon Portal

  2. Select Other > Integrations from left navigation

  3. Select Digital signatures -tab on the top of the page

  4. Press Config-button to open Visma Sign configuration -panel

  5. Copy Client id and Secret to the fields inside the panel from your Visma Sign -account

  6. Press Save-button on the bottom of the panel

Enable users to use Visma Sign

Only users who have been granted permission can create Visma Sign -invitations. To have permission, user has to be inside an user group with signee-role enabled. To enable users to use Visma Sign:

  1. Open Kameleon Portal

  2. Select Users > User groupsfrom left navigation

  3. Add users to a group with a signee-role enabled

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