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October 2023


Alt texts

Logos and images can now contain alt text information, which will be included when logo or image is added to document.

PowerPoint doesn’t support alt texts for images currently.

Alt texts can be added in portal when adding or editing image or logo

Open location after publish

After document is published user can now also open publish location.


To better support different deployment scenarios Kameleon Office addin manifest should be updated. Latest manifest can always be found from


Kameleon taskpane auto open

Prior this release when document was created in Teams and opened in Office Kameleon-taskpane was automatically opened for user.

To better support different deployment scenarios this behavior is removed in latest version. User need’s to manually open Kameleon-taskpane if Kameleon features are needed for new document created from Teams.


Statistics in navigation is moved from Other group as root navigation element.

Download multiple documents

User can select multiple documents and download them all at once. Selected documents will be compressed as zip-package.

Digital signatures in statistics

Digital signatures are included in statistics page as own tab.

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