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June 2024

End user

Changes to Office add-in taskpane auto-open

Kameleon Office taskpane is automatically opened after document is created for the first time from Microsoft Office. If document is reopened Kameleon taskpane doesn’t automatically open.

Admin user

D365 integration supports date fields

Dynamics 365 integration now supports also date fields as data source columns


  • JET-2754 PowerPoint: Address fields are not working in slide gallery

  • JET-2756 Word: Footer style is changed to Normal, if Footer and Layout templates were created or later modified by using different Office language

  • JET-2758 Portal: Files cannot be drag and dropped directly from zipped folder

  • JET-2778 PowerPoint: Default table style is missing from new presentation

  • JET-2785 Content tool: Alphapethical order to Footers and Layout templates

  • JET-2794 Content tool: Non-applicable meta fields are shown for layout templates, phrases, footers and slides

  • JET-2796 Portal: Date value check missing from statistics custom selection

  • JET-2828 Excel: Header and Footer does not work if the content has headers and footers

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